Bying Tether on Binance

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How to buy Tether (USDT) on Binance?

Have you thought about buying Tether (USDT), but you’re not sure where to begin or which app to use? No need to worry because whichever app you end up using, the process will be quite simple. In this article, we’ll explain step-by-step the process of getting Tether via the Binance app, which is one of the most popular crypto exchanges in 2022. 

Of course, if you’re not yet familiar with Binance, the first thing you need to do is make an account by following the app’s very detailed instructions. It takes only a few steps, and you can choose to register either with your email, phone number or Google account. There is also a possibility to choose whether you want to create a personal or an entity account but be careful – you can’t change the account type once you’re registered! Upon creating an account, it is recommended to complete the Identity Verification in order to increase your account security. 

Crypto exchange apps such as Binance offer a variety of payment options such as bank transfer, credit or debit card and cash, which make it easier for their customers to buy and sell crypto. Basically, every payment option you might need you can find on Binance, as they only work with trusted partners in order to provide a seamless experience to their customers. You can easily buy crypto using a fiat currency of your choice, and we would recommend investing in stablecoin such as Tether (USDT) first. This will help you maintain your money’s value, as the stablecoins value doesn’t fluctuate like other cryptocurrencies do. When you decide which crypto you want to invest in, you can easily convert your USDT into whichever cryptocurrency you want.

The process of buying Tether with your credit or debit card is as simple as it can be, and here we’ll explain it step-by-step:

  1. After completing your SMS authentication and Identity Verification, you need to log into your Binance account. Then, click on ‘Buy with cash’ and select ‘Credit/Debit Card’.
Crypto buying on Binance

2. Next, open the list and choose a fiat currency you want to make a purchase with. In this example, we’ll use Euro (€). Then, choose a cryptocurrency you want to buy – in this case, we’ll choose Tether (USDT).

Crypto buying on Binance step 2

3. Insert the amount of euro you want to spend, and it will automatically be converted into the amount of crypto you’re going to get. Bear in mind that 1 USDT equals 1 USD, so the number you see in these images is solely for illustrative purposes.

Crypto buying on Binance step 3

4. If this is your first time using your card to buy crypto, you will need to add your card and billing details. After you’ve checked that everything is correct, you’ll get an order confirmation showing the amount of fiat you’ve spent, and the amount of crypto you’re going to get. In case you’re buying another cryptocurrency instead of Tether, remember that you only have one minute to confirm your purchase, otherwise, the price will change according to the current value of that specific cryptocurrency.

Crypto buying on Binance final step

After you’ve confirmed your order, the purchased crypto will go directly to your wallet.  As you can see, the instructions on the Binance app are pretty clear and easy to follow, and that goes for many other apps as well. In case something is not clear, all crypto exchanges provide excellent 24/7 customer support, whom you can contact if you’ve encountered any problems, or have any additional questions. Now you’re ready to start trading crypto!

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