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Promotions offered on betting websites in 2022


Every online sportsbook and casino run specific types of promotions that help them attract customers. These are special promotions, and each website worth joining offers some good deals for its customers. In this article, we’ll give an explanation of common types of bonuses that can be found in online betting and casino websites.

The most popular sportsbook promotions in 2022

If you like placing an occasional sports bet here and there, then you must have seen many enticing promotions that sportsbooks offer. Even if you’re not used to betting, the websites will offer many different promotions in order to encourage you to create an account, make a deposit and place your bets! 


Actually, promotions are a great way for players to try out the website, test the software and see whether they like it or not. You’ll be pretty happy to hear that some betting websites are quite generous in this regard!


Of course, these promotions require you to fulfil certain conditions in order to be able to obtain them, but as long as you’re an active player, you’ll be able to find an offer that will boost your bankroll. Let’s dig into the world of online betting promotions that sportsbooks offer!

Deposit Bonus

Maybe even the most popular, the deposit bonus can be found on almost all online gambling platforms, such as sportsbooks, casinos or poker sites. These types of bonuses mean that the sportsbook or casino in question will match the percentage of money that you have deposited into your account. 

For example, if a sportsbook is offering a 100% matching deposit bonus of up to 200 USDT, they will give you bonus money up to that amount exactly. This means that if you deposit 100 USDT, you’ll get a 100 USDT deposit bonus, but if you deposit 500 USDT you’ll get a 200 USDT bonus as that’s the maximum of this specific promotion. 

Not every sportsbook will give out the same limits. Before taking part in any deposit promos, make sure to read the fine print because most of the time promotions include playthrough requirements that need to be fulfilled in order to successfully cash out your bonus. 

Reload Bonus

A reload bonus functions almost the same as the deposit bonus, except for the fact that it’s not your first deposit on the website. It is usually recommended that you take the advantage of the reload bonus, as they’re not handed out very often.


Bear in mind that some websites will offer reload bonuses throughout the entire year, while some will only offer them for special promotions. In some cases, if you’re planning to reload and don’t see any attractive promotions, you can contact the website’s customer support department and see if they have any unadvertised reload offers they can give you. Make sure to always follow the website’s promotions page, so you can stay on top of the game.

Cashback Promotions

Sometimes known as a rebate, the cashback promo gives you back a certain percentage of the money you lost on your bets or the percentage of the amount that the sportsbook has made from your bets. Briefly said, the more you bet, the more money you can get from a sportsbook that offers this kind of promotion.

The particulars of each cashback promo vary from sportsbook to sportsbook: the percentages, how they’re calculated, how they’re paid, and when they’re going to be paid out. This betting promotion is most commonly offered to horse bettors, but some sportsbooks offer sitewide rebates, too.


Free Bets

Another popular promotion that you definitely must take advantage of is a free bet. This type of promo is usually given out by sportsbooks in case you lose a certain amount of money on a bet. The amount of money can vary depending on the sportsbook you’re playing at, as well as the actual amount you have lost prior to getting a free bet. 


Of course, it’s very rare for a sportsbook to give back all the money you lost. They will usually only cover a part of it, so you can place another bet if you want to. Basically, if you lose, you’ll get a chance to place a second bet on the house! Bear in mind that this type of promotion also comes with certain wagering requirements, and if you don’t use your free bet, it will most probably be voided from your account. 

Different types of casino bonuses

With hundreds of popular casino websites today, it’s hard to come out with a promotion that will stand out from all the rest. That’s why you can find many of the same types of promos on different casino websites, even though some casinos keep coming up with something different from time to time, just to attract new customers and extend their user base. Here, we’re going to present the most common promotions that casino players can find, as well as the specifications and requirements of each one. 


Welcome Bonus


These are usually the most popular bonuses, and you can expect to get them in any online casino. A welcome bonus will very often match your deposit,  so you’re getting double the money after joining a casino, which depending on your bonus will give you plenty of opportunities to play. Some casinos might offer up to 300% in bonuses, but they’re not that common, and the amount of money they’ll give you is usually capped at a certain amount. However, it’s still free money that increases your chance to win!

No Deposit Bonus


No deposit bonus might even be the players’ favourite because it gives them a chance to try out the casino before depositing any money. The only thing a player needs to do is activate an account and start playing, without providing any card details. However, this type of bonus usually comes with certain restrictions and limits: casinos will usually offer up to 150 dollars, and they will give you the right to use it only on slot games, with specific wagering requirements that can vary from one casino to another. If you end up having any winnings, you’ll only be able to cash them out up until the amount that the casino decides. 


These rules might seem strict and not worth it, but casinos usually make them in order to protect themselves from bonus abusers, who will go from casino to casino and try to cash out their free credit. 

Deposit Bonus

Casino deposit bonuses are quite a successful method of motivating new players to join online casinos. They’re similar to welcome bonuses, except for the fact that they are given out once the player has already made an account, and sometimes they can go up to 5x the deposited amount. If you’re a regular casino player, chances are that the casino will often award you with this type of bonus. 


The rules to this one are quite simple: deposit a bigger amount of money and expect a bigger deposit bonus. However, bear in mind that these are also capped at a certain amount, meaning that the casino will impose limits on the amount of money they will give you, even though you made a generous deposit!

Free Spins

People are easily hooked up to slot games, and there are many factors that contribute to that: attractive jackpots, promotions, or even the game themes. The promotion that many players are immediately attracted to is definitely the Free Spins promotion! If a casino decides to give you free spins, that means you can only use them on a specific slot game, or even a few chosen ones if they’re feeling generous. Players usually get 10 free spins, which means 10 chances to earn money without spending a single cent from your deposit. 


Many casinos have different rules regarding this promo: some will have higher wagering requirements, and some will put a limit on maximum cashout. If luck is on your side, you might even earn more free spins or even a jackpot while spinning the free spins given to you by the casino. However, in case you’re lucky enough to get this bonus, try to use it to reach the maximum cashout amount, and last but not least – withdraw your winnings on time!

Loyalty Bonuses

Loyalty bonuses specifically target players who have previously played on the site, so they get to enjoy special offers that they can’t find in any other casino. Loyalty bonuses are designed in such a way that they’ll keep the players hooked, and they’re usually rewarded to players when they reach a certain milestone while playing their favourite games in the casino. 


These milestones can be different things: a certain amount of money to spend, a player’s 5,000th bet or something else, depending on the casinos. Some common things casinos give out as loyalty bonuses can include loyalty points (that the player can convert to wagering credit), level systems (when a player reaches a certain level determined by the casino, he can get a loyalty bonus), tokens, free spins, etc. 

Referral Bonus and High Roller Rewards

Referral bonuses present a really effective strategy which benefits both the casino and the player alike. By bringing new players to the casino, the existing players can benefit from these bonuses which, in most cases, are in form of reward money that you can later use for slots or live casino games. 


High Roller rewards, on the other hand, require players to deposit a significant amount of money, very often a minimum of 500 dollars, in order to qualify for such rewards. Being recognized as a VIP by the casino will grant you access to different perks and events, such as slot tournaments, and many other similar happenings. Regarding these rewards, each casino will have different rules and requirements. If you’re willing to make a massive deposit, make sure to check the requirements for high-roller rewards beforehand!


Cashbacks are the most common and most popular type of casino bonuses. We can easily say that this is the one that lasts the longest because, depending on the casino, they can be counted and handed out on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. That said, the bonus is credited to your account regularly, and it is counted as a percentage of your net losses. The actual percentage, of course, depends on the casino, but also on your losses. 


Depending on the casino and your status as a player, you can usually expect between 5% and 25% of cashback. In some cases, the percentage can be even higher, but that comes with specific wagering requirements that can be pretty high. Aside from these wagering requirements, there are other ways in which casinos might limit the amount of money that they’re going to give you. Let’s say a casino caps the cashback at 50 dollars. In that case, if a casino offers a 10% cashback, and you have lost 600 dollars, you’ll still get 50 dollars, as that’s the maximum they’re willing to give you for this promotion. 


So far, we have seen that sportsbooks and casinos offer a variety of different promotions, which ultimately all have similar rules and requirements. Of course, some betting websites will require you to deposit more money, but they will also offer greater benefits. Before taking part in any such offer, make sure to familiarize yourself thoroughly with the rewards system of each specific promotion that your chosen sportsbook/casino offers so that you can enjoy your betting time to the max!


As you can see, the majority of sportsbooks and casinos are quite generous when it comes to treating their players nicely from time to time. Whether you’re a sportsbook or casino player, you’ll definitely manage to find an offer that will suit your betting style and maybe help you win more money. Before you decide to take a plunge and deposit your money, it is advised to research the website you’re planning to play with and find the one that’s reliable – such as!