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Why is Tether so popular for betting?

It seems that cryptocurrencies have taken over the world by storm, and the betting and gambling industries are no exception. Naturally, betting sites have started incorporating cryptocurrencies into their services, so now it is entirely possible to make a deposit or even withdraw money using only your crypto-wallet. And just like that, crypto betting has begun.

The advantages of betting with USDT

Tether is one of the most traded cryptocurrencies in the world, which also means it is among the most trusted ones. There are many advantages to using Tether, so let’s go through some of them:


1 USDT = 1 USD

The first advantage is the fact that this cryptocurrency has a 1:1 exchange rate with the US dollar. Because it mimics the dollar, it means that its value won’t change much by the time you decide to withdraw your winnings from the betting website, which is not the case with other cryptocurrencies. However, the fact you’re playing with a stablecoin means that you also won’t be able to make a profit if a sudden price boost happens on the crypto market.

Speed of transactions

Its second advantage, and the reason why uses this coin is the speed and efficacity of transactions. You can transfer USDT directly from your crypto wallet to your account, and there’s no need for any kind of an intermediary payments institution. 

The lack of obstacles such as banks just means that your transaction will be processed way faster and with very small transaction fees. So basically, what you win is what you get, without any additional charges and provisions.


Safe bet

Tether is a digital currency that’s widely available, so you can find it on almost every crypto exchange platform. It serves as a safe haven for many investors who want to protect their assets from the bear market, or simply said – significant price falls that happen in the crypto market from time to time.


And lastly, thanks to blockchain technology, betting and gambling have become available to anyone. Even if some countries consider betting and gambling illegal, the use of blockchain technology gives players certain anonymity, but also transparency when it comes to transactions. Thanks to all the benefits that Tether as a stablecoin provides, has decided to make USDT their official cryptocurrency!


Although gambling with Tether might seem like a safe option, it’s not always the case. Gambling with crypto, in general, is a very risky matter considering that it will be impossible to get your funds back in case you get scammed by a website. That’s why we advise you to be very cautious when choosing a website to play on, and only look for those that publicly show their licence, such as!

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